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汽摩點火器> 供應BAJAJ 百佳吉135 電子點火器 BAJAJ Electronic ignition



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供應BAJAJ 百佳吉135 電子點火器 BAJAJ Electronic ignition

  • 價格:38元/件
  • 最小采購量:500件
  • 加工定制:是
  • 類型:電子點火器

供應BAJAJ 百佳吉135 電子點火器 BAJAJ Electronic ignition的詳細信息

  • 加工定制:是
  • 類型:電子點火器
  • 品牌:吉隆 毒蜂 百佳吉
  • 型號:BAJAJ135
  • 品牌/型號:吉隆 毒蜂 百佳吉/BAJAJ135
  • 可燃物質:液化氣

'The business passed ISO9001-2008 international quality management system certification , stable and reliable product quality, the company main products are high-end motorcycle electronic ignition , voltage regulators, relays, ignition coil, flasher and so on. New product development, design . Tel : 13370761542 .

Kuala Electric Company has more than 15 years of professional production and sales of motorcycles five electrical companies , the production of patented products 1 ( multifunction smart fuel ignition ) : You can significantly improve 20-30 per km per hour, with an infinite speed , accelerate quickly, strong power, low idle cold start explosive characteristics of different brands can be modified to adapt to a variety of models. 2 switching regulator saving : Normal ( short-circuiting ) after the regulator to the battery is fully charged to continue to work , the excess energy through a bleed resistor to go to waste away. And after my company produces switching regulator to charge the battery fully charged automatically closed circuit , magneto stator coil it into a resting state , the output power of the engine is reduced to zero , its fuel consumption, temperature, noise is also reduced accordingly. Battery needs to be charged , when I switch rectifier will automatically resume charging. Our energy-efficient switching regulator Highlights: lower fuel consumption, low heat, protecting the battery. Fortune 023 -62,767,686 Mobile Agent Phone 13399854958 Contact: Mr. Chen Website :www.cqjilong.com.cnhttp://cqjilong888.cn.alibaba.com

Geelong man mission is : a man , a lifetime , one more thing. Electric motorcycle , doing fine ! Stronger ! So long !


吉隆電器公司具備15年以上專業生產銷售摩托車五大電器的公司,生產的專利產品1.(智能節油多功能點火器):可以明顯提高20至30每公里時速,具備無限速、加速快、動力強、怠速低冷啟動一觸即發等特點 可以適應改裝不同品牌的各種車型。2.雅馬哈系列電子點火器,本田系列電子點火器,比亞喬系列電子點火器,百佳吉BAJAJ系列電子點火器,鈴木系列電子點火器,巴基斯坦系列電器等。財富代理電話:023-62767686 手機13399854958聯系人:陳先生  網站:www.cqjilong.com.cn  http://cqjilong888.cn.alibaba.com



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地址:中國 重慶市重慶南岸區四公里廣黔路工業園 電話:023-62767686 手機:13399854958

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